How To Improve Your SEO Service With Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the promotion of websites for further monetization in one way or another. Although SEO agencies and freelance SEO managers know the field of SEO, the tools remain great options for successfully promoting medium and small businesses, personal brands, individual goods, or services. Because, in the end, the objective is to attract buyers, customers, thanks to a good SEO tool.

Indeed, talking about SEO tools, we can count on the current market a few hundred of them. However, as numerous as they are, many are: incomplete or ineffective.

So the question that many SEO agencies or freelance SEO managers ask themselves is:

What appropriate tool should be used to make the SEO service offered to their client perfect?

Semalt wanted to answer this quite important question with its latest generation SEO tool called the Dedicated SEO Dashboard (DSD).

Indeed, the dedicated SEO Dashboard is a new and very powerful tool developed by Semalt Experts. The special and unique mission of this tool aims to help any SEO agency or freelance SEO managers meet the challenge and best serve the clients who request their services.

In the rest of this guide, we will explain how you can customize and improve your SEO service thanks to the different features of the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

Duties and responsibilities of an SEO specialist

At first, everything seems simple, but the list of professional tasks looks impressive and includes the following types of work:
  • complete analysis, site audit - revealing the strengths and weaknesses of the site;
  • develop a plan of these tasks, the solution of which will help promote the resource to the desired positions;
  • analysis of the work of competitors - also taking into account strengths and weaknesses;
  • optimization of the external and internal website;
  • bring existing content to an optimal state;
  • constant monitoring of search algorithms - correction of the plan taking into account these changes;
  • interaction with the client - it is therefore necessary to provide regular reports on the work carried out and its results;
  • interaction with editors, monitoring the results of their work;
  • control of the information present on the site in terms of compliance or not with applicable laws.

How can the Dedicated SEO Dashboard help you accomplish all of these tasks simply and professionally?

The dedicated SEO dashboard has 3 super powerful features that can take care of the different tasks listed above. Among these tools we have:
  • Analysis of the Google search results
This dedicated SEO dashboard feature allows you to show your customers the exact positions of their sites in Google search. Besides, it helps you identify the TOP pages and the keywords for which these different pages are ranked. It is also well suited for competitive analysis and helps you identify top competitors in the right niche. From their keywords that attract traffic to their promotion strategy.
  • SEO-technical audit
This feature of the SEO Personnel Dashboard is a great innovation that consists of performing a complete site analysis. That is, everything related to technical auditing and from speed control to plagiarism checking, now on the same platform, all with one click. Imagine how delighted your customers would be at seeing this innovation.
  • SEO reports
Another unique feature of our innovation-driven Dashboard Personal SEO is the Report Center. Using the Report Center, you can create a report distribution schedule for each of your clients individually. The benefits of this tool for your business are indisputable as it allows you to provide your clients with complete SEO reports with your logo and brand name.

The advanced tasks and responsibilities of an SEO specialist

If a specialist works for himself, then another task is added to these tasks - an independent search for clients.

The list of responsibilities differs depending on how, with whom, and on what project, the person is working. Freelancers often have many tasks while agencies that work for large companies often have specializations. Therefore, there are branches of the profession, for example:
  • Link generator. This is the person responsible for posting links to third-party resources. He searches for sites, negotiates with their owners, makes sure the links are working and placed correctly.
  • Semantic kernel compiler. The task of this person is to compile a list of user requests, distribute them on the pages, etc.
  • Project coordinator. This is a person directly involved in communicating with the client, solving financial problems, making plans and supervising other specialists.

How can the Dedicated SEO Dashboard help you measure up to these advanced tasks in SEO?

At this point, you have to do things differently, in a much more professional way and show your customers that you are a serious brand. To achieve this, the SEO dashboard has features that allow you to:
  • Include your domain name once the dashboard is launched.
  • Customize your dashboard by adding your logo, contact information, menus, links, chat plugin, GA code and many other options.
  • Access the dashboard Admin Panel to manage your customer requests, review user data and activity statistics.
The DSD Administration Panel is an "all-in-one" panel for tracking stats, customizing settings, and managing leads. This gives you the freedom to create as many accounts as you need and grant access to each member of your team. The basic panel options are available in the Standard pack. However, if you're looking to grow your customer base and manage your leads effectively, consider our LeadGen add-ons.

Tasks that an SEO specialist does not have to solve

Often clients have a vague understanding of the type of work performed by such a professional. For this reason, the most adequate requirements are not imposed on specialists. Jobs with a list of responsibilities that are not the job of SEO specialists are surfing the net and often scaring beginners. But don't worry, because the SEO specialist, although he can, is not required to perform the duties of the following employees:
  • The designer and layout designer responsible for the design of the site.
  • The specialist in contextual advertising.
  • The writer who creates content according to the terms of reference.
  • The system administrator, who makes sure that the site works, that there are no viruses and other problems, that there are all the necessary widgets, and so on.
Sometimes additional tasks may be added to the responsibilities, not necessarily. And if such obligations exist, it is a strong argument to demand higher wages.

Benefits of the SEO Dashboard for your SEO service

Firstly if you need a professional SEO and SEO toolset to provide up-to-date information to your clients in SEO / digital marketing / web-elaboration / hosting, or any similar services, the SEO Staff Dashboard is fully available to you. These are your own branded set of tools that your customers can use for free on your business domain.

But that's not all!

The SEO dashboard also gives more value to your SEO service: 

The use of the SEO dashboard aims to significantly increase sales as well as to give high added value to your customers. Thanks to this table, you can offer a free analysis of their website using the powerful SEO audit tools integrated into your SEO dashboard.

This is to your advantage although it is free because as soon as your customers analyze their website on your SEO Dashboard they will realize imperfections that need to be corrected. They will no longer leave your site to competitors because they will already be won over by the quality of the work, which can easily lead them to create a deep bond of friendship with you and entrust you with the management of their site. Subsequently, you will also see that their mouths will never cease to testify about your expertise to their relatives.

How to access the SEO dashboard?

To have access to your own SEO dashboard with Semalt you must register by filling in your details and start your free trial.

Please Note: The SEO dashboard has 3 subscription plans as follows:
  1. FREE - this gives you access to General Statistics, Daily Metrics Activity and up to 10 customer inquiries.
  2. LITE - With the Elite plan you will have access to Lead Generation and custom JS code capability.
  3. PRO - FREE and LITE program options + access to the LeadGen database.